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Wallace Construction’s expertise in concrete construction is sought out by building companies and construction firms alike.  We are respected for our ability to complete concrete construction projects on schedule, within budget, and at the high quality standards Wallace Construction has come to be admired for.

Our expertise includes all aspects of a building’s concrete construction including walls and foundations.

We take pride in our ability to self-perform structural and architectural concrete work.  This includes concrete slab construction, pre-cast erection, pumping, placing and finishing.  Because we do all this ourselves we retain control over the project’s schedule, cost and quality.  That means our clients get a great job for a reasonable cost.

Wallace Construction’s expertise in concrete also means they have been contracted for some high-profile projects, such as; Selwyn Village Retirement Building, and AUT.

If you would like to find out more about Wallace Construction concrete subcontracting, just give us a call.

Willis Towers

Willis Towers Wellington (Telecom) – White painted F5 concrete exposed to view

Willis Towers Wellington (Telecom) – White painted F5 beams and columns exposed to view.